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For over 25 years, we’ve been developing strong leaders and powerful sales forces. Sales Factor has worked in 30 countries around the world and trained over 500,000 sales and management staff world wide.


You are a highly self-motivated individual who recognizes your own talents, skills and deficiencies. You are constantly striving to learn new techniques. You will produce above and beyond the results as required by your employer, unconditionally, year after year. Congratulations…you are now a SFcsp(Sales Factor, Certified Sales Professional).


Your responsibility as a Sales Manager is to effectively teach, demonstrate, and offer feedback to your people while achieving the results you have negotiated with your company without sacrificing the integrity of yourself, your customers and your team. Congratulations…you are a SFcsm™ (Sales Factor Certified Sales Manager)


Your empathy and listening skills are perfectly blended together giving you the power to ensure the customers happiness each and every time regardless of any negative disruptions the universe may drop on you at any given moment. Congratulations…you are a SFccsp. (Sales Factor Certified Customer Service Professional)


You are successful with your company, your family and your ability to maintain and grow each accordingly without sacrificing either entity. Your balance scales always perfectly level.  You teach everyone ethics and integrity, respect and loyalty and also how to laugh. Congratulations…you are a SFcel(Sales Factor, Certified Executive Leader).

Sales Factor Enterprises is a sales training company dedicated to changing behaviour that cannot be unlearned. We go deeper. We create lasting changes in behaviour, performance, and business results


Sales Training That Delivers Results

Strategic Programs

Our strategic curriculums are designed to meet certain business criteria. They are defined by a set of objectives primarily created and customized by specific Industry and business sector that will ultimately produce a valued/ quantifiable result…

Coaching Programs

Sales Factor Enterprises has developed Coaching programs for Sales Managers, Support Managers, and Leadership Managers. Our focus has always been on helping Managers to continuously improve the conscious skill levels of their people…

Skill Based Programs

The bulk of any sales person’s tool box lies within “skill based” knowledge. At Sales Factor, we pride ourselves on delivering only the most “up to date” performance curriculums researched and backed by more than 5000 industry surveys of…

Leadership & Management

“Good leadership requires Aptitude and not Altitude.” Most leaders are thrown into a Management position because they showed “some” leadership capability, although never taking into account…

Customer Service

Customer service is the provision of service to customers before, during, and after a purchase. The perception of success of such interactions is dependent on humans. There is “bad” customer service; “good” customer service and then there is Sales… 

Professional Sales Certification

Sales Factor Enterprises allows the certification of inhouse corporate Facilitators through a vigorous and demanding certification process. All programs are completely certifiable…

SFE Certficate (2)

5000 +

Succsessful Customers



We provide your company with a greater level of success & return on investment by...

Using a Scientific Approach

That reveals the best training options for your business.

Giving you a competitive edge for 2 years

After we have completed any project together before we will work with an of your competitors within a geographical region

Create a scientific benchmark

of your teams skill gaps and a solid approach to address them.

Continuously sustaining the learning

curriculum by revisiting the content with your sales people and sales managers through a rigorous one-on-one coaching methodology for up to 1 year post training.

Sales Factor is a proven partner in the Canada Job Grant program.

To find out if you are eligible for subsidized training, please contact us immediately. Programs Change frequently, don’t wait.


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