• Sales Factor Enterprises focuses on one thing - Delivering Results, Not Events… "We Guarantee Results".

  • Sales Factor is able to guarantee results, because they are leaders in behavioral measurement and each program's success is measured using sophisticated R.O.I. tools.

  • Sales Factor is structured to effectively manage every part of the performance improvement process to maximize the success rate. All of our staff are actively involved in every step of the process from the Managing Partners, National Account Managers , R&D Team, Global Sales Facilitators and our Customization Team. We have 15 people in our core organization with an average tenure of 10 years of sales training experience. We also offer a network of 80 Sales Facilitators around the globe. Our staff are involved in every step of our unique ROI-E’s process. See how in chart.

  • We strive for excellence and accept nothing less. We have demonstrated time and time again that economic recessions do not have to control the fate of business, as long as you can show a return to your clients and customers. Our proven sales training systems and methodologies are straight forward, easy to understand and revolve around helping you demonstrate the value of your products and services in a measurable way to your clients. SFE provides a sound learning environment in which participants have the opportunity to improve overall sales and business skills in many different ways.

  • Every organization's success rests on its ability to build sound, flexible strategic plans, and to influence others effectively with integrity. Sales Factor Enterprises has partnered with the world's most successful organizations to enhance the performance of their sales forces and management teams in these core areas. We have done so with much success-our record stands on its own.