How we achieved a 20 to 1 ROI

"Yes that ROI is a true documented figure but it’s not easy to achieve unless you are willing to take the following steps:"

Step 1: "Choose your training partner carefully.  We chose Sales Factor because their system was practical (not too much theory) and most important, measureable.  We didn’t know what to train on but the Sales Factor team helped us identify the sales gaps with their behavorial assessment process."

Step 2: "With Sales Factor’s sustainment process we followed the training sessions with in-depth accountability reviews which told us that we were on the right track.  Key point #2 is that training is not an event, but an ongoing process that must be supported."

Step 3: "Leadership; don’t delegate this responsibility.  I have participated on every sustainment session with our sales people and the message is clear: If the President can make time for this then it must be very important.  The sales people know it and in our case delivered market share increases and price increases in a very tough economy."

- Rod Staveley, President

"Sales Factor... has helped the AC Cargo sales team to manage new business development and key client relationships in a more strategic manner. I would highly recommend this program to any company wanting to improve overall sales effectiveness."
- Steven L Gibbs, Senior Director, Corporate Sales
"The Sales Factor Team... customized their approach to our specific situation by interviewing our managers and this ensured….they had a clear understanding of our needs as a result. The training was well executed and it has helped us establish a foundation of core selling skills."
- Tony Milina, Vice President, Sales & Customer Care
"Being in sales management for many years, I've had the opportunity of implementing a variety of sales training programs…. I knew what to look for and what not to look for. We selected Sales Factor because they provide sales training modules at the granular level...that is, at each step of the sales cycle. The training is supported by a minimum of 12-weeks of reinforcement that ensures ‘stick-ability’. As for ROI ….our pipeline grew 4.7 fold in 12 weeks. I highly recommend Sales Factor Enterprises!"
- Peter Gilfillan, VP Sales
"I have had the pleasure of working with Gino Sette, Managing Partner of Sales Factor, for the last 8 years. My experience has been that the programs Gino has brought to me at 2 different organizations have always been top notch and helped us exceed our sales objectives by as much as 30%."
- Brad Ballance, District Manager - Enterprise Accounts