Tim O'Brien has trained over 5000 sales people within various companies throughout Canada, the U.S. and Europe including Dell, Altamira, GE, Ceridian, and His unparallel sales skills make him one of Canada's first and foremost sought after speakers. Tim is co-founder and Managing Partner of Sales Factor Enterprises (SFE). Throughout his sales career, he has climbed the ranks of successful sales representative to Vice Presidency in many companies throughout North America. His style is that of a true professional, bringing an assortment of practical experience and humor.

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Gino Sette, co-founder and Managing Partner of Sales Factor Enterprises (SFE), is a highly regarded Sales Training Consultant, Negotiator and Coach. Gino's 23-year Sales Management background has culminated in working with organizations sharing his vision of self-management. He has brought tremendous successes to over 100 of Canada's Priority 1 organizations across virtually every sector including Financial Services, Communications, Technology, Media (specialist), Information (specialist), Transportation, Energy and Recruitment.

In a recent survey, clients were asked why they chose to do business with Gino. The response most selected - "He really lives and breathes the sales processes he teaches."

Many of his sales strategies have been documented and recorded by a host of writers and in fact, a biography entitled, "Make It Your Business", is in the works.

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