• The Sales Factor Enterprises TEAM focuses on one thing - Delivering Results, Not Events… "We Guarantee Results".

  • Sales Factor is structured to effectively manage every part of the performance improvement process to maximize the success rate. All of our staff are actively involved in every step of the process from the Managing Partners, Performance Improvement Consultants , R&D Team, Global Sales Facilitators and our Customization Team. We have 15 people in our core organization with an average tenure of 10 years of sales training experience. We also offer a network of 80 Sales Facilitators around the globe.

Tim O'Brien and Gino Sette founded Sales Factor Enterprises in 1998. Both partners have had tremendous exposure and experience in Sales, Sales Management and Adult Education. With over 50 years combined experience, these two entrepreneurs have dedicated their life in helping others become successful. Please click on the above link for a full history and biography of Tim O'Brien and Gino Sette.

Associate Partner / Performance Improvement Consultants
First and foremost, is the impact that any Associate Partner / Performance Improvement Consultants will have on your business or your customers. Sales Factor Enterprises takes great satisfaction in delivering only the most polished and dedicated people to you.

After completing a thorough skill gap analysis using sophisticated measurement tools and focus groups, the Sales Factor Enterprises facilitators begin tailoring the training program to address the unique skill gaps of your organization. Our facilitators are sales people that have been certified in the Sales Factor program suite. At Sales Factor, we always select the most suitable facilitator that relates and connects with your industry and organization. Click on the link above to view a full line up of our most senior facilitators.

Administrative Staff
At Sales Factor, no great program gets delivered without the help of our customization, graphics, as well as our writers/editors staff. Each program is carefully crafted with such delicate hands of experience in order to meet and exceed industry standards. Role plays, case studies and industry scenarios are researched, built, and then administered with the utmost care and dedication from our administrative staff.