Do you believe what you are doing right now helps others?

Greatness comes from believing that you can really help someone else. You’ve heard it before “he really helped us out - he’s great!” You have to believe that what you have to offer will help others. Do you believe that what you are doing right now helps others? Would you buy or use what you offer to your prospects? Are you personally using what you offer?

What I’m getting at is this, “if you really don’t believe that you can help others with what you offer, then pursue another career with a company that you do believe in”. That company has to offer it’s prospects something that you believe can help others, that has in fact helped you. You can personally stand up for this company as a “testimonial”. Selling for this company will be natural and easy - because you’ve seen all the reasons why it makes sense to do business with that company, because in fact you’ve seen the results yourself - first hand.

I’ve been in sales for over 22 years. My first real job came shortly after the 1984 recession. I saw an ad in a newspaper that I read regularly, advertising for an inside sales representative to sell advertising for the very same newspaper I was reading. I applied for the position and got it. I did extremely well. After 6 years with this newspaper, in progressively more responsible positions, I was approached by another organization that I had never heard of who was prepared to offer me a bigger and better position. As I was young and naïve, I took on the role. The services offered by this “construction sales leads” company were great. I could see how they “might” help others, but I had no “first-hand” experience with the service, since I was not in the construction industry - I personally could not stand up for them as a “testimonial”, as I could with the newspaper I had left. My sales were good, but not great. About a year later, we developed an online system that delivered these “leads” into a “contact management system” for our clients. In order for me to demonstrate the benefits of how this “system” worked, I spent days learning it. In the end, I began using it as a method to keep track of my own prospects and my sales grew. I knew this “system” could help my client’s salespeople become more effective because I used it as a salesperson myself. I could demonstrate how it impacted my sales and I knew it could do the same for my clients. My sales went from good to great!

In both examples, the number one theme is that you need to believe that what you do can help others - that belief is based on experiencing first-hand that what you sell has helped you - you can’t fake this kind of belief or passion. Before you can become great ask yourself, do you really believe in what you are doing. If so, you have the foundation for being great. If not, find something you can be passionate about.

Gino Sette is Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Sales Factor Enterprises, a sales training organization based in Toronto, Canada (416-450-2583 or [email protected]). In a recent survey, clients were asked why they chose to do business with Gino. The response most selected - "He really lives and breathes the sales processes he teaches."