• Sales Factor is a privately-owned Canadian Performance Improvement Company that provides training programs in both official languages in the areas of Sales‚ Service and Support for our North American and International Clients.

  • Sales Factor has been established‚ fully bonded and insured since 1998.

  • Sales Factor has offices throughout Canada and in the U.S.

  • Sales Factor’s has successfully trained over 170 different organizations. This depth of experience and research makes its way into the programs we deliver.

  • Sales Factor is the leader in pipeline management and “We Guarantee your Results”.

  • Sales Factor is a privately-owned Canadian company equally owned by the two Managing Partners‚ Gino Sette and Tim O’Brien.

  • Sales Factor has been profitable every year.

  • Sales Factor pays all suppliers within 30 days.

  • Sales Factor invests in extensive and ongoing research.