• Sales Factor is a privately-owned Canadian Performance Improvement Company that provides training programs in both official languages in the areas of Sales, Service and Support for our North American and International clients.

  • Sales Factor has been established, fully bonded and insured since 1998.

  • Sales Factor has offices throughout Canada and in the U.S.

  • Sales Factor has successfully trained over 170 different organizations. This depth of experience and research makes its way into the programs we deliver.

  • Sales Factor is a leader in behavioral measurement and each program's success is measured using sophisticated R.O.I. tools.

  • Sales Factor is structured to effectively manage every part of the training program to maximize the success rate. All of our staff are actively involved in every step of the process from the Managing Partners, National Account Managers , R&D Team, Global Sales Facilitators and our Customization Team. We have 15 people in our core organization with an average tenure of 10 years of sales training experience. We also offer a network of 80 Sales Facilitators around the globe. The chart below shows how our staff are involved in every step of our unique "E's to ROI" process.