At the beginning of any corporate relationship, key questions are always asked:

     "Who are they?"
     "What have they done?"
     "Why should we buy from them?"

Sales Factor Enterprises (SFE) is a performance improvement company that delivers Results, Not Events. By examining the skill gaps of your organization, we are able to tailor programs that improve performance - we measure this improvement in two ways:
  1. Behavioral - how have the skills improved and by how much and,
  2. ROI - we link skill improvement to specific business metrics.

We strive for excellence and accept nothing less. We have demonstrated time and time again that economic recessions do not have to control the fate of business, as long as you can show a return to your clients and customers. Our proven sales training systems and methodologies are straight forward, easy to understand and revolve around helping you demonstrate the value of your products and services in a measurable way to your clients. SFE provides a sound learning environment in which participants have the opportunity to improve overall sales and business skills in many different ways.

Please take a few minutes to view this web site to see why Sales Factor Enterprises is a market leader in Performance Improvement.